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Mrs.B. Radha


Qualitative health care services are considered as a basic need for every citizen irrespective of age, gender and culture. The Health Care system in developing countries still relies on paper medical records. Information that is digitized is usually not portable; preventing information sharing amongst the different health care resources. The Health Care system faces substantial challenges with growth inhibitors such as rapidly growing population, changing disease profile and re-emerging diseases, multilayered healthcare system or landscape, lack of absence of infrastructure, scarcity of manpower that is doctors, nurses and paramedics, extremely low public expenditure on health and its inefficiencies.
The aim of this paper is to create an improvised public health care system for developing countries with efficient big data analytics to delve bioinformatics data taking into account from various resources including medical records, hospitals, research groups, insurance companies and public and private sector health organizations. The proposed Health Care model facilitates collaboration and to coordinate care between patients and physicians and amongst medical community possible. It also provides an infrastructure that allows hospitals, research groups, insurance companies and public and private sector health organizations to tap improved computing resources at lower initial investments. Also the cloud environment will reduce the obstacle for innovation and modernization of health information technology systems and applications.
This paper also includes guidance and strategies that helps to build an autonomous, digital and efficient health care system to benefit the rural population utmost and nation as a whole.


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