Designing an Intelligent Web Browser Using Web Usage Mining Techniques

Subhendu pani, Manoj pandia, Satya Biswal, Santosh ku., Swain Bikram ke. Ratha


In the context of data mining the feature size is very large and it is believed that it needs a bigger population. Hence, this translates
directly into higher computational load. With the huge amount of information available online, the web mining is a fertile area of research which
applies the data mining techniques. It relates to several research communities such as Database, Information Retrieval and Visualization. We
have categorized web data mining into threes areas; web content mining, web structure mining and web usage mining. In this research area that
is receiving increasing attention from the data mining community.In this paper, We discuss some web mining techniques that could be used to
design an efficient web browser .



Key Words: Data Mining, Web Mining, Web Data, Information Retrieval.

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