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Anil Sharma
Balrajpreet Kaur


Data mining is a process of exploring unexplored patterns from huge databases. This acts as a key to knowledge discovery which provides a great support to business world and academia. To make this knowledge discovery happening various data mining tools are developed. These tools provide interface to get data and to retrieve some interesting patterns out of it which are further useful to attain new knowledge. There are variety of parameters defined in the literature which provide base for a tool to perform analysis and different tools are available to perform these analysis. This is quite interesting to perform a comparative analysis of these tools and to observe their behavior based on some selected parameters which will further be helpful to find the most appropriate tool for the given data set and the parameters. In this paper authors did experiment with two different datasets on WEKA tool based on six parameters which illustrate disparity in the value with the type of dataset namely balanced and unbalanced.


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Anil Sharma, Lovely Professional University

Department of computer science and application

Balrajpreet Kaur, Lovely Professional University

Department of computer science and application


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