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AnsahJeelani Zargar
Mehreen Manzoor
Taha Mukhtar


One of the buzzwords in network security nowadays is the ECC-Elliptical Curve Cryptography. It is one of the best cryptography techniques that provide security to our personal as well as professional data over the network. In our day to day life the need of data sharing has increased exponentially. We like to stay updated with every events occurring around and love to be a “know-it-allâ€. With the upswing of social networking people stay connected all the time. They make their social media profiles and use them to communicate by sharing their information over the network. It has become a necessary part of our life. The need for securing that data has also increased, in order to prevent attacks that may cause unauthorized access to our data, misuse of our data or modification of our data and also to maintain privacy over the network. Thus sharing the data has to be done in such a way such that only the sender and the receiver understands it and no one else on the network does. It is done by using methods of encryption and decryption, wherein we change our data in a way that it becomes senseless to everyone, until it is changed back to its original form in order to make sense out of it. We have many techniques for doing the same. In this paper we will be discussing about two such techniques that encompass not only server and desktop systems, but also large numbers of small devices ranging from PDAs and cell phones to appliances and networked sensors. To the end we will be making a necessary comparison between the techniques explaining why ECC is better than any other cryptographic techniques recent to it.


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