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Aman taneja
Kamna Solanki
Dr. Sandeep Dalal


Big Data is the relationship of data size and its processing speed. These are so big and complex that traditional data processing software is inadequate. These days it’s a high challenge to construct architecture to take out information cost-effectively from huge, volume of data at remarkable rate. So, there is a need to find economical and valuable solutions for the major challenges of fatly growing volume and concern. Through this paper, we can become proficient in big data analytics, its tools and application areas. It also presents uncertainty issues related to Big Data for which the solution we provided by combining fuzzy and neural network concepts to assemble a new intelligent system ANFIS that has brought together tendency to get the results by relating knowledge representation, uncertainty and modeling the key feature of big data to provide a superlative solution.


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Aman taneja, University Institute of technology

Computer Science & Engineering

Kamna Solanki, UIET, MDU

Computer Science & Engneering


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