Fog Based Cloud Computing: AReview

Rupinder Kaur, Er. Amanpreet Kaur


Customization of services and control of services at the edge of cloud end points is becoming necessarily due to maturity of cloud based revenue models. Last mile resource provisioning is now critical for better levels of quality of service.Fog or edge computing is an emerging paradigm that can address these issues. This paper dis-cusses, the various milestones for understanding the cur-rent status of fog/edge computing. In the introductory section, the authors discuss the beginning of specializa-tion of computing devices for application specific work. Then, the other parts of the paper discuss various reasons to have multiple power profiles for load and power man-agement.Typically, when residue power is become low, a device may reduce its load or it would activate its load balancing policy. This research work intends to investi-gate the fog based cloud computing energy/power needs. When caching is used to optimize the load and increase response time of the applications.


Cloud computing, fog computing, sensors, Internet of Things(IoT),power profiles.

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