Challenges in Data Migration in Super Speciality Tertiary Care Hospital: A case study

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Amal Krishna Sarkar
R A Khan
C M Pandey


Data migration is the movement of data from a single source or multiple sources to a new target database. It may be driven by a range of initiative staring from application up-gradation to replacement. The other areas may be the need to consolidate data within a data warehouse in an organization. The main objective of this study is to make a roadmap for the migration of healthcare data in super speciality tertiary care hospital and research organization. The purpose of the work presented in this is to also to study the challenges in migration of healthcare data. With the goal of providing a comprehensive solution and improve the process of data migration and also meet out the challenges in migrating complex data, a strategy has been made. Considering the fact that a tertiary care super specialty hospital, the work requires in depth understanding of its unique requirements and the complexities involved in healthcare data. A formal framework for refining transformations occurring in the process of data migration will be developed. .Hence it is an imperative that the processes are efficient, and suitably enabled by technology.


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