A Review of Ant Colony System Algorithm and its Models

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Gurpreet Singh
Prof. (Dr.) Jatinder Singh Bal


-Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is meta-heuristic algorithm inspired from nature to solve many combinatorial optimization problems such as Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). ACO algorithms for datagram networks was given by DiCaro &M.Dorigo, in year 1996. One direction that researchers have gone to pursue this is to study the behaviour of ants for their techniques to find the shortest path between two points ACO is a meta-heuristic approach for solving hard combinatorial optimization problems.In this paper, the Ant Colony Optimization Technique has been applied in different network models with different number of nodes and structure to find the shortest path with optimum throughput. The performance measure taken here is shortest path as well as time taken by the data from source to destination.


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