Blind Multi-Agent System for Department Teaching Schedule

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Abdur Rashid Khan
Sheikh Muhammad Saqib


This research paper represents a multi-agent system, which have four Agents named as Knowledge Acquisition Agent, Attendance Agent,
Decision Making Agent and Communication Agent that works together to that automatically gets inputs, manipulates the data, prepares timetable as
well as keeps the record of students’ attendance and makes communication with its environment in an automatic fashion through sensors. All the
agents work like human agents, which is one of the basic aims of computer technology. This work depicts an idea to integrate the Human Expertise,
Information as well as the Biometric Technologies to solve real world problems. Feedback may be used as a learning element in the processing of the
Multi-agent system. Snapshots (i.e., time table preparation, Attendance records, decision about absenteeism etc) depict how the various results are
being provided by this multi-agent system to help human. This system can easily be implemented through adaptation of Biometric Technology and
may also be used for employees’ attendance record as well as for security purposes, in future research.


Keywords: Agent, multi-agent system, biometrics technology and sensors


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