Comparative Analysis of Microstrip patch antenna arrays for S band applications

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Jasmine Jasmine
Manish Mehta


This paper presents a comparative analysis of 2×2 antenna array of rectangular topology, U-slot and E- slot microstrip patch antenna array . The operating frequency of array is 2 to 4 GHz. The antenna arrays have been designed and simulated on Rogers RO4350 (tm) substrate with a dielectric constant of 3.66. This paper presents that, the performance of antenna array is improved after the slot cutting in the patch of antenna. The design is analyzed by FEM based HFSSv11 by which return loss, 3D polar plot, VSWR, gain and radiated power of the antenna arrays are computed. The software simulated results shows that the E slot antenna array provides good performance as compared to U slot antenna array and rectangular patch antenna array with the return loss value of -36.082dB at 2.41GHz and VSWR value 0.2727 at the same frequency.


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