Review on Fall Detection Techniques based on Elder People

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Ramandeep Kaur
Dr. Pankaj Deep Kaur


Fall detection is a leading challenge in public health problemsespecially among elder people. To migrate the effects of falls, constant inspection is essential. The various techniques and products associated with fall detection currently been a major area of research for security purpose and health care industries. Taking care of the elders aggregates a major issue in the western societies. Smart homes come out as socially and economically feasible solution. This explores the various fall detection and prevention problems that leads to purpose various fall detection systems to solve them. In this, classification associated with falls and various approaches towards fall detection are surveyed.In this paper present a literature review within those categories and identify the approach of treating a fall as an abnormal activity to be a credible research direction.

Keywords: Fall Detection, Smart Phones, Wearable Devices, Vision based approach.


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