A Review on Character Segmentation of Touching and Half Character in Handwritten Hindi Text

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Preeti Sharma
Manoj Kumar Sachan


Segmentation is one of the challenging phases of OCR in case of handwritten text. It has been observed that different languages have different nature of writing the text that causes a number of issues in segmentation aspect. Hindi is one of the official languages of India having the complex structural features. The major problem in handwritten character segmentation is to deal with the touching characters such as conjunct, half-characters, overlapping characters, highly skewed, uneven header lines found in writing pattern of well known Hindi language[]. Segmentation is done on the basis of observed structural properties examined from the writing style of different individuals. This paper reviews different techniques available to dissect the simple, touching, overlapping Hindi text. Also, it discusses the existing techniques with their merits and demerits. It is observed on the basis of related work, few techniques are available for touching and half characters. Hybrid approach including projection profile combined along with the structural property such as width, height, pixel intensity etc is giving quite promising results but still, there exist some challenges due to the constraints that are taken in stated algorithms which need concerned efforts and immense research to improve the segmentation level.

Keywords: character segmentation, touching character, devnagari script, header line modifier, half character


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