A Literature Survey: Resource Management Mechanism in Cloud Environment

Narander Kumar, Surendra Kumar


Today, Cloud Computing is considered as one of the rising field of researchers. It turns out to be a quite prominent between different types of cloud users. It compromises with on demand resource since it offers reliable and assured services to the customer. Resource allocation for cloud computing is a proving work and procedure of allocating the resources to cloud relies on upon the QoS prerequisites of cloud environment. Resources are not accessible as indicated by QoS prerequisite then the Workload Management System makes a request to retransmitting the workload with new QoS necessities as SLA. In the Cloud computing world, multiple numerous cloud users could be requested number of cloud services in parallel. So there must be an arrangement that all resources which are made accessible to asking for a client in a productive way to fulfil their needs. Resource allocation is performed by the target of diminishing the costs related with it. The tasks of resource allocation are taking care of client requests and application necessities. In this paper, present a review of diverse resource allocation techniques that have been in view of the distinctive parameters and there is findings as well as discussion about the issues or challenges of cloud computing environment has been discussed. A mathematical analysis with the help of Hungarian method is also discussed

Keywords: Cloud; Resource allocation; QoS; SLA; virtual machine.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.3063


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