Public Key Cryptographic Technique Based On Suzuki 2-Group

Akshaykumar Meshram, Chandrashekhar Meshram, N.W. Khobragade


Public key cryptography is one of the most important fields in computer security. . It is a method of transferring private information and data through open network communication, so only the receiver who has the secret key can read the encrypted messages which might be documents, phone conversations, images or other form of data. To implement privacy simply by encrypting the information intended to remain secret can be achieved by using methods of Public key cryptography. The information must be scrambled, so that other users will not be able to access the actual information. In this study, we propose new public key cryptographic technique based on Suzuki 2- group. We demonstrated the security of proposed public key cryptographic technique in the chosen plaintext attack in the random oracle model.

Keywords:Public key cryptography, ring polynomial, Suzuki 2-group, chosen plaintext attack, random oracle.

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