A Scenario of IT based Agriculture Projects in India

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Harjinder Kaur
Major Singh Goraya


In India agriculture provides employment to large population which lives in villages and fully dependent on it to fulfill their livelihood. In the last decade, an incredible growth has been occurred in the use of electronic infrastructure for agricultural processes and development in India. In the recent time, an impressive development in information technology and electronic infrastructure has brought its usage well in the capacity of common people. The affordability of electronic equipments and IT based applications resulted to a tremendous development in agriculture sector. Farming community at large have started to monitor and control various agricultural activities suchas irrigation, foreseeclimate situation, check soil construction and variety of crop culturesthrough the various information technology based systems and projects implemented by the Governmentof India and different State Governments in India. Objective of this paper is to present an overview of various IT based agricultural projects implemented in India. Different electronic and ITapplications and services in the background of these projects are also highlighted in the paper.

Keywords: eAgriculture in India, IT in agriculture, cloud computing and agriculture


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