Enhanced Routing Scheme Using Dynamic Clustering For Energy Reduction in WSN

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Amandeep Kaur
Raj Bhupinder Kaur


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained
enormous attention for their wide range of applications such
as environmental monitoring, military surveillance, health
care, disaster management. Energy is the main constraint of
wireless sensor network due to irreplaceable and limited
power source of the sensor nodes. Clustering is the most
popular topology control method to reduce energy
consumption and improves scalability of WSN. Here we
proposed a distributed fault tolerant clustering algorithm
called DFCA which uses a cost function of the cluster heads
for the formation of cluster. We also present a distributed run
time recovery of the sensor nodes from the faulty cluster due
to sudden failure of the cluster head. The experimental results
show the strength of the proposed algorithm. We can remove
this fault by using back up cluster or we can set the root
information as a prefix.


Keywords: WSN, Routing protocols, Energy Consumption,
DFCA, Sensor Nodes.


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