Mobile Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Challenges

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Manish Kumar Aery


The development of mobile technology and wireless networks is rapidly growing. The device that mainly used for dialing & receiving
calls and writing messages in the staring years is now capable of doing almost every task being done by the computer system. These new
generation phones are better known as smartphone because of its size, speed and computing power, has become a multipurpose machine capable
of handling wide range of applications. The cloud computing provides all the basic services to these mobile devices at backend as number cloud
applications has been in the market like one drive by Microsoft, Google drive by Google& icloud by appleThis drives a strong demand for
mobile cloud applications and services for mobile device users. This brings out a great business and research opportunity in mobile cloud
computing (MCC). This paper first discusses the driving forces and opportunities. Then it presents an overview of MCC in terms of its concepts,
distinct features, research scope and motivations, as well as advantages and benefits. Moreover, it discusses its opportunities, issues and
challenges. Furthermore, the paper highlights a research roadmap for MCC.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Security Issues.


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