An Approach to Detect Vulnerabilities in Web-based Applications

Rajdeep Kaur, Arshdeep Kaur, Er. Gurjot


The web applications are suppressed of distinctive programming models and interacting technologies that harvests ever-changing web application security. These interactions between distinctive technologies can cause new challenges for the security researchers. In present era, billions of individuals connect to numerous web-based applications for searching information; interact with other individuals for business purposes etc. Some of these crucial web- based services are targeted by the suspicious users that intend to exploit the vulnerabilities, which not only disrupt the services but also the critical information of particular organizations. Thus, securing these web applications against these vulnerabilities is very crucial and challenging. The study of these severe vulnerabilities, detection of attacks and providing solution for these vulnerabilities are the essential part in the internet world. In this paper, we describe the web based application vulnerabilities and implementing distinctive web vulnerability scanners to detect those severe web vulnerabilities in web applications.

Keywords: web application, vulnerability detector, SQL injection, XSS, uniscan, grabber, wapiti

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