Comparison of wavelength conversion using phase modulation at 10 Gb/s of 5 km DSF and 100 km of fiber using 3R regenerator

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Dr. Himanshu Monga
Hemant Rajveer Singh, Vikas Malhotra


In today’s era, wavelength conversion is a key component in optical fiber communication. The modernization in semiconductor devices and fabrication techniques has completely revolutionized the optical world. Despite this, different types of modulation techniques and fiber doped elements are used for long haul transmission to get better response with small degradation of signal. Further, this paper represents a comparison and analysis of wavelength conversion using cross phase modulation at 10Gb/s bit rate over 5 kilometer dispersion shifted fiber and cross phase modulation at 10Gb/s bit rate over 100 kilometer with 3R regenerator. Meanwhile, concluded results are shown in manner of Quality factor and Bit error response.

Keywords: Bit error rate (BER), inferometric cross phase modulation (XPM), need of wavelength converter, 3R-regenerator, and optical fiber communication.


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