A simple Technique for contrast stretching by the Addition, subtraction& HE of gray levels in digital image

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Jasbir Singh Lamba
Prof-Rajiv Kapoor, Karamvir


The aim of image enhancement is to improve the visual appearance and quality of an image. Many images like medical images, satellite images, aerial images, images obtained from digital camera and even real life photographs suffer from poor contrast and noise. It is necessary to enhance the contrast and remove the noise to increase image quality and to retrieve hidden information in the image. A digital image is an aggregate of large number of picture elements which represents the brightness of different pixels .Our aim is to study various techniques used for the enhancement of images. In this paper, we present a new technique for the increase in its dynamic range by the addition and subtraction of some number from the image gray levels, followed by the histogram equalization. The technique is very simple to implement and produces good result in image quality enhancement.

Keywords: Digital camera, Digital image, Frequency domain enhancement, Histogram Equalization, Image Enhancement, Spatial domain enhancement.


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