Face Recognition using SIFT, Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks

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Ridhi Gupta
Dr. Rohit Bajaj


Face recognition is one of the most advanced biometric authentication system which is now getting used into several corporate industries and government sector. Some of the previous research work have shown their great enthusiastic interest in different biometric parts of the faces like Iris, Ear, and Tongue. The results have also been great but chances of theft are still there if you are using a single biometric. This research paper proposes a novel scheme of entire Face recognition method which involves SIFT for featureextraction, Genetic Algorithm for feature optimization and Neural Network for classification of the saved features. There are two sections in this research work namely Training and Testing. The training section is processed by two algorithms name SIFT and followed by Genetic Algorithm for the optimization. In the testing section, Neural Network has been utilized.


Keywords: Genetic Algorithm, BPPN, Image Enhancement, Feature Extraction, SIFT.


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