Example Based Color Transfer with Corruptive Artifacts Suppression

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Nasreen Pottammel
Anitha Ambat


Color transfer is an important task in image editing. Among which example based color transfer is used for color transfer and also suppresses the corruptive artifacts during color transfer. In the example based color transfer there exist single or multiple example images as reference and a target image. Color transfer is the process of copying the color appearance of a target image based on reference. In this paper, a novel unified corruptive artifacts suppression color transfer frame work is introduced, which having iterative probabilistic color mapping with self-learning filtering scheme and multiscale detail manipulation scheme in minimizing the normalized kullback-leibler distance. This paper also proposes an automatic color transfer method for processing images with complex content based on intrinsic component. Visual artifacts and color bleeding like artifacts are removed in this paper.Intrinsic component is used for local organization and to remove color bleeding like artifact.


Keywords: color transferring, computational photograph, edge preserving Smoothing, image detail manipulation,multi-reference, region correspondence, and content-based image retrieval


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