Application of Linear Programming Problem in Manuufacturing of Block

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Aminu Titilope F, Salau Ganiyat. M


This research application of linear programming to block industry (A case study of Motland Block Industry Osogbo was aimed to maximixe the profit of block industry and to determine the inches of block they can specialize on data was obtained on the cost and profit of 4 inches,6inches and 9 inches. Data obtained were formulated as linear Programming Problem, From the analysis, it is observed that in order to make a profit of #588, Motland block industry should produce 11 units of product B (6 inches block) and 23 units of product C (9 inches block). The sensitivity analysis of the optimal table changes in relative to profit co-efficient of a basic and non basic variable shows that , at the optimality stage in as much as product A (4 inches block) is less than #24.33k, It is not economically profitable. More so, if product A’s profit is increased to #29, the new optimal product is to produce 7 units of product A (4 inches block) in order to make a total profit of #612.42k .It is also clear that when the profit per unit price of all the three products is changed from 24x1+20x2+16x3 to 21x1+26x2+19x3, the total profit is increased from #612.42k to #713.5k As a result, Motland block industry is advised to maintain the current production mix. Any attempt to increase the resources will undermine its profit.


Keywords: Application, industry, maximization, profit and cost.


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