A Review on Detection and Prevention Techniques of Denial of Service Attack in VANET

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Priya Sharma
Er. Amarpreet Singh


VANET meaning vehicular ad hoc network is nothing but the group of independent mobile nodes i.e. vehicles which are moving throughout the mobile network liberally. Vehicular ad hoc network is a sub set of mobile ad hoc network. It is a kind of temporary network in which the position of the mobile nodes are not preset. Since the communicating nodes move quickly and keeps on changing position following dynamic topology of Vanet. Such networks are unprotected from the malicious nodes in the network itself. Therefore, they are vulnerable to several kinds of attack such as Sybil attack, Black hole attack, Denial Of Service attack, etc. In this paper we have discussed several techniques for detecting and preventing DoS attack in Vanets.

Keywords :- VANET Security, DOS attack


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