Simultaneously Pickup and Delivery Mdvrp with Multi Objective G.A

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Sangeeta Sangeeta
Sonia Sharma


This paper presents a multiple objective genetic algorithm for multi depot vehicle routing problem with simultaneously pickup and
delivery (MDVRP-MOGA). MDVRP-MOGA is an expansion of VRP problems.MDVRP is a NP-hard problem which is more advantageous
than VRP. MD-VRP simultaneously determines the routes for several vehicles from multiple depots to a set of customers and then return to the
same depot. The objective of this problem is to find the routes for vehicles to service all the customers at a minimal cost which is in terms of
number of routes and total travel distance without violating the capacity of the vehicles. A Multi objective Genetic Algorithm is provided to
solve the proposed problem with new constraints.

Keywords: VRP, MDVRP, Multi objective G.A.


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