Trends In Automatic Quality Inspection And Grading Of Food And Agricultural Products By Machine Vision –A Review

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Archana Kumari
Vivek Chawla


This paper describes the fast growing aspects of computer vision in automatic inspection of food and agricultural product. Quality
inspection of food and agricultural product is very time consuming, labor intensive and costly. Besides all these, safety standards are very
important which requires high accuracy. Manual inspection is not that much fast and reliable. A vision based control strategy is always required
to fulfill the increased expectation of high quality and safety standard. Machine vision is based on image analysis and results in highly
automated, non-destructive and economical inspection. This paper basically highlights that how in short span of time machine vision has find
wider application in food industry. Recent works going on inspection and grading of fruit, vegetables, packed product like bakery, pizza, aquatic
material has been reported.


Keywords: Machine vision, image analysis, food and agricultural product, quality inspection, grading.


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