Enhancement & Performance of Quality of Service based on MPLS

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Juhi Singh
Shrawan Kumar, Vinay Shukla, Alok Kumar Srivastava


MPLS is enhanced technology to improve the Quality of service parameters. In the paper the study of Quality of Service performance is done over NON-MPLS based and MPLS-based Network on the UDP and TCP data packet type. Also the study has been done by varying the packet size of the UDP and TCP data showing the comparison of the performances. Various parameters of the quality of services as throughput, packet delivery ratio, and total packet loss are taken and analysis has been done with the x-graph and NS2 on the same network using NON-MPLS and MPLS-based network. The main focus of the paper is improved analysis on the QoS with the advanced technologies in which the MPLS and supporting traffic engineering is one of them. The protocol used to implement the newly proposed MPLS technology are LDP and CR-LDP providing comparative study with the conventional NON-MPLS based network that uses default protocol OSPF.

Keywords – MPLS, QoS parameters, UDP, TCP, simulation, LDP, CR-LDP.


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