An Analytical Study on Video Steganography Techniques

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Heena Goyal
Preeti Bansal


Steganography refers to the art and science of secret communication in which the information is concealed in such a way so that it does not drive an eavesdropper’s scepticism. Steganography is defined as the process of whipping information by embedding messages within other. Video steganography is a transpire technology as a steganographic media over traditional cover medias such as audio and image. Generally videos are transmitted more frequently on internet websites such as face book, YouTube, Daily booth and various other social networking sites thus imposing a large impact on video steganography. This paper proposes an up-to-date comprehensive review on the various video steganographic techniques found in the literature in the last few years. There are various techniques available but the user often gets confuse in the choice of which technique is to opt. In this paper a detailed survey of different steganography techniques which is very helpful for video steganography researchers to obtain better results & high efficiency and security.


Index terms- Video Steganography, Data security, LSB, DWT, PSNR.


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