An Application Launcher using A Resistive Touchscreen

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Shenoy Anush Keshav
ShahRunal Vibhash,Valvi Supriya Prakash, Prof. Sunil Katkar
Prof. Vikrant A. Agaskar


The application launcher named Anulpriya allows a user to launch an application at the touch of a panel. Launching any application demands a series of folder traversing using multiple mouse clicks or cluttering the desktop with numerous shortcuts. Anulpriya is aimed at bridging the gap between a touch-screen device and the desktop PC by enabling the users to provide a touch input to trigger the launch of any application of their choice. Handicapped and differently abled persons, often have problems using conventional mouse and keyboards as they lack the required mobility and may not have sufficient endurance to use them for extended periods of time. Our application, offers an innovative alternative for these people to control their desktop. We have assembled a prototype using an ARM CORTEX M3 LPC1768 microprocessor development board and a resistive touchscreen. We have also made use of Serial communication via UART. Future developments and plans for the touchscreen based remote control device are also discussed. The success of any software is determined by its compatibility and support across all operating systems and hardware and so we plan on making our application software Free and Open Source (FOSS).


Keywords: Input Devices, Computer Access, Remote control devices, touchscreen, Serial Communication, Visual Studio, UART


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