Detection of Fake Biometric using Liveness Assessment Method

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Aditya S. Ambadkar
Prof. Ravi V.Mante, Dr. PrashantN.Chatur


The major problem in biometric is to deal with the fake reconstructed sample or self-manufactured synthetic samples. Many biometric system doesn’t have that much capability to detect such artificially created input as a fake input. To rectify such problem for detection of fake biometric we use liveness assessment methods using various image quality assessment measures which plays very important role to detect such fake samples and stop them their itself. The Liveness assessment methods using image quality assessment measures is shown to be a good approach for detecting such fake samples in various biometric system like face samples, iris samples, fingerprints samples. Thus, providing a single method multi-detection platform.

Keywords: fake biometric detection, Livenessassessment method, Image quality assessment, face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition


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