An Enhanced Recursive Median Filter for Image Denoising

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Ms. Priya Varshney
Mr. Anshuman Tyagi


Noise is a prominent factor which when added in an image reduces its quality. So to enhance the quality of an image, removing noise is required which is an important field of research. Many researchers have proposed various algorithms and compared their result. This paper focuses on removing noise from distorted image using Recursive Median Filter. Recursive Median Filter (RMF) is one of the noise reduction technique used for removing impulse noise. To enhance the performance of RMF using the concept of degree of randomness i.e. Entropy, a novel approach is introduced named as Enhanced Recursive Median Filter (ERMF). In the proposed filter, the size of moving window is changed based on the entropy value of moving window. Result shows that the proposed filter enhance the performance in removing the noise as compared to recursive median filter.


Keywords: Digital Image Processing, Median Filter, Recursive Median Filter, Randomness


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