Overview of Application Performance on Multicore Environment

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M.Narayana Moorthi.


When Programming Multicore Applications we need to consider the method of making use of the existing powerful multicore
processors. The multicore processor provides a new challenge or issues to be taken into account for software developers to achieve higher
performance in computing applications. The applications requires high speed process need to migrate the software from single core to multicore
processor is the real challenge in front of us. Several factors determine whether the performance of an application improves on a multicore
system. Bottlenecks in parallelism may arise at several levels of software application stack, and avoiding this problem is a challenging task. This
proposed paper discusses the benchmarking metrics for applications on Multicore systems and to tune the performance of threaded applications
with balanced load for each core and a basic understanding of how to gather meaningful benchmark data and tune applications on multicore
systems. Before benchmarking our application on a multicore system, we need to understand the characteristics of the application being
measured. If the application is multithreaded then in theory the performance of the application will increase as the number of cores increases in a
system. How much the performance of the application actually increases will depend on what else is running on the system, how effectively the
application is threaded, and the nature of the hardware platform. Here are few issues we need to analyze. They are 1.How many threads are used
by our application. If our application is multithreaded, whether the application is designed to make use of all cores in a multicore system .2.
Knowing performance on a single core platform, what is the expected performance on a system with N-Cores? The Amdahl’s Law basically
predicts how the performance of a parallel application changes as the number of cores increases based on the amount of serial and parallel work
in that application. The mismatch between measured parallel application performance and predicted performance are to be investigated.


Keywords: Multicore, Parallel Program, Interprocessor Communication


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