A Simple Neural Network Approach to Implementing Technical Institute Student Feedback System in Spreadsheet

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Sumit A. Khandelwal
Mahip M. Bartere, Vijay S. Gulhane


Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) proven its own value in technical education and that has led to the emergence of Artificial Neural
Networks as a major paradigm for Data Mining applications. Neural nets have gone through two major development periods the early 60’s and
the mid 80’s. Neural Networks Neural networks have emerged as a field of study within AI and engineering via the collaborative efforts of
engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and neuroscientists. Although the strands of research are many, there is a basic
underlying focus on pattern recognition and pattern generation, embedded within an overall focus on network architectures. In our paper we can
introduce student feedback system with using concept of artificial neural network in Microsoft Excel. Excel provides popular and low cost for
technical education modeling technique and decision analysis techniques.


Keywords: - Artificial Neural Networks, Neural Networks, spreadsheet, feedback system, VBA program.


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