A Modus to Secure Data with Authentication & Integrity using EHDES

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Ramveer Singh
Sanjive Tyagi,Ajay Agarwal, Deo Brat Ojha,


Today’s era of communication is too much important for any commercial and personal purpose. A secure communication requires
major factors like: Authentication, Confidentiality, Integrity, etc. In this current paper, we introduce a modus to communicate the information or
message with full authentication and security. The complete security is provided by the combination of stegnographic approach and
cryptographic scheme- EHDES (Enhanced Data Encryption Standard). Stagnographic approach facilitates data hiding and EHDES encrypts the
data to be transmitted. EHDES scheme itself provides the high level security for communication over internet as well as within an organisation.
A lossless compression provides us integrity.


Keywords: EHDES; Cryptography; Stegnography; Compression; Image File..


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