Remote Desktop Access using Mobile Phones and an Enhancement for Intra-Mobile Search

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Dr.N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar
R.Padma Priya,Vijayasherly, H.Mohamed Ameer Irshad


In this era of mobility, an information retrieval system cannot be constrained to be running on one particular location alone. The
system proposed in the project facilitates the user to access his personal computer’s storage devices through his/her mobile phone when the user
is remote. Also one can perform various operations like a desktop search, taking backup of mobile specific data and troubleshooting. The user
can search for files in a remote machine for a particular keyword and download the files of his choice. Also if the mobile device is running short
of memory the mobile specific data like Personal Information Manager (PIM) database (contacts, events, to-do lists), messages and file manager
can be uploaded to the remote server. Remote troubleshooting deals with performing administrative tasks like removal of viruses, few file
management tasks, etc. To accomplish this J2ME provides Generic Connection Framework (GCF) which is a flexible API for network
connections. Also, as an enhancement to this system the user is facilitated to search one’s own mobile in case of large file systems and flash
memories. Thus a keyword-based search is implemented to provide a quick access to the PIM Database, messages and flash memory.


Keywords: Remote Desktop, Intra-Mobile, Flash Memory, Mobile Backup, Mobile Search


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