Efficient Monitoring and Maintenance of Project over the Global

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Seshagirirao Boddepalli
GRS Murthy


In existing project tracking system uses Java Server Pages as a presentation layer, Java Database Connectivity to establish a connection with the database and Struts as a development framework. In this development procedure it takes lot of time for implementation of an application and if once deletes the database tables need to create all tables manually. So, it is difficult to maintain the database of an application. In JSP’s we need to embed the java script and Hypertext Markup Language code along with their implicit objects, action tags and elements. In this paper we are proposing development of project monitoring application as a pipeline of work with client side Smart Google Web Tool kit as its user interface widgets library, Google App Engine Server is responsible to dynamically generate java script code. Object Relational Mapping technology is used to perform the database transactions and server side spring frame work which develops the service layer of an application. We have various relationships for different jobs which are maintained by relational tables which consists relative data. We have to develop queries according to the requirement, those queries help us to take solutions from main queries and queries make it normal to develop reports and forms. In the proposing system database tables are dynamically generating even if we delete all tables in the schema. Using a Data-Source as a shared data definition also greatly reduces redundancy between our user interface code and server side code increasing agility and reducing maintenance effort. We can achieve the development of an application without using scripting technologies which reduces duration of an implementation of an application. This provides an environment to monitor details about the current running project in various locations and it allows entering the details regarding that project. This achieves high efficiency in performing jobs.

Keywords: widgets, services, presentation, object relational mapping, information storage and retrieval.


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