Service Discovery Protocols For Infra-Structureless Networks- A Survey

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Mrs S. Thangam
Dr.E. Kirubhakaran,


Globe is looking forward to new technologies that allow them to communicate anytime, anywhere, and using any communication
device. This is possible by infrastructure-less wireless networks in which nodes can communicate directly to each other (without a central
coordinator) and can relay data to each other in a self-organizing fashion.. Past researches mostly concentrated on problems on low level
technologies necessary for formation of adhoc and peer-peer. But the basic role is to allow mobile users to exchange data and use each other
services. Many researches has been done on lower level such as routing and resource scarcity but its important to identify higher level service
discovery to implement MANET for civilian applications. So we insist on necessity of higher level service discovery that is required for
MANET and various existing protocols .
Keywords: Index Terms— adhoc , peer-peer,infra structureless,peer-peer,services.


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