Working of Web Services using SOA

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Mrs. Aarti M. Karande
Prof. Vaibhav N. Chunekar, Dr. B.B. Meshram


Service Oriented Architecture is used to achieve loose coupling among diverse interacting software applications. SOA is used for reduction in development time and cost. Web services standards used for SOA are distributed software components that provide information to applications ather than to humans, through an application oriented interface. SOA with web services standards provide greater interoperability. It also provides protection from lock -in to proprietary vendor software. Web services combine the advantages of the component -oriented methods and web techniques. Maintaining Web service quality requires more effort to manage overall Web service framework thaN each of Web service. Web Services Manager is a security administrator's environment designed to secure access to Web services and monitor activities performed on protected Web services. Web services provide platform independence for the service oriented communication. 


Keywords: Service Oriented Architecture



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