A Trust Management Scheme for Service Discovery in Wireless Ad-hoc Network

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Prof. S. Sumathy
N. Kavitha, M. Kumudini


The new emerging technologies in microelectronic and wireless networks have fostered the proliferation of small devices with limited
communication and processing power, which are used in ad-hoc environment. The mobile devices in the ad-hoc network communicate via
wireless links without the help of any fixed infrastructure. These devices must be able to discover services dynamically and share them safely
considering the requirements of ad-hoc networks such as limited processing, communication power, decentralized trust management and
dynamic network topology. To overcome the limitations mentioned, a service discovery protocol namely Secure Pervasive Discovery Protocol
(SPDP) is used. The proposed work is an enhancement of SPDP, which support to access the services that are provided by this protocol securely.
The files can be transferred from one device to another in the network with the help of the system IP address. Blowfish Algorithm is used to
enforce trust by encrypting the files before transferring them thus making it in the unreadable format for unauthorized readers. SPDP provides
security until service discovery but the proposed enhancement of SPDP provides security in accessing the services and transferring the file
securely. The effort of this work is to discover all the services offered by the network and access them safely with necessary security features.


Keywords: Ad-hoc network, service discovery, file transfer, trust, Blowfish.


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