Analysis of M/M/1/3 as a Means of Decision Making In Banking Industry

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Olawepo G.T


This research Analysis of M/M/1/3 as a Means of Decision Making in Banking Industry . UBA bank in Katsina state were used as a case study. This study is limited to queuing system of the customers data in the arrivals and service, operate for the period of 8.00am to 4.00pm on a daily basis for the interval of 60minutes for 10days in the UBA bank. For this study direct observation was used to obtain the number of customers arrived and numbers of customers serviced within the stipulated time interval.. The result shows that at any point in time there will be at least 2 customers in the system that is in M/M/1/3 . At least there will be only one customer in the queue in the system. At any point in time, a customer spent one 1 minute and 7seconds on the queue for M/M/1/3 . The expected time required by a customer to spent on the system is 11minutes and 18 seconds before leaving the bank in M/M/1/3. Since the utilization factor Ïk ≤ 0.5,for the system, there is a building up of customers and as a result there are few people in the system. That is the system is in control. Therefore M/M/1/3 is more effectives in terms of time spent in the system. We thereby recommended that The pattern at which queue component arrived and service should be thoroughly studied, the operating characteristics should be computed to determine the type of queue formed


Keywords: Queuing, customers, arrival, service, utilization factors


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