Enhancement of Aodv Protocol Performance by reducing the delay

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R. Thandeeswaran
Vinithra J, N Hima Bindu


MANETs are infrastructure less and wireless networks in which there are several nodes which are free to move arbitrarily and perform
management of routes. Different types of MANET protocols are available such as AODV, DSR, and DSDV out of which AODV outperforms.
AODV and other on demand routing protocols use route request (RREQ) and route reply (RREP) for the process of route discovery and route
maintenance. In AODV each node sends the RREQ to all it neighbouring nodes and thus there is a chance that a single node may get a RREQ more
than once; same for the case of RREP also. This increases the average delay of the protocol and is considered to be as one of the disadvantage of the
protocol. To avoid this problem, we proposed a enhanced AODV which avoid the sending of redundant RREQ and RREP among the process of route
discovery. It obtains better performance than the existing AODV and other protocols .The same is implemented using NS-2 tool and simulation
results show that the enhanced AODV provides high packet delivery rate and low communication delay than the existing AODV..


Keywords: MANET, AODV, DSR, DSDV, packet delivery rate, delay


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