Mobile Cloud Computing: The Emerging Computing Paradigm for the 21st century

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L. Pallavi
V.Pradeep Kumar, Dr.A.Jagan


During the last few years, there is a revolutionary development in the field of computing paradigms, multimedia communication and wireless technology. Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of cloud computing concept, mobile cloud computing (MCC) has been introduced to be a potential technology for mobile services. MCC integrates the cloud computing into the mobile environment. MCC has revolutionized the way in which mobile subscribers across the global leverage services on the go, it also enable the user to access value added services anytime, anywhere. This paper gives a survey of cloud computing, mobile computing and mobile cloud computing which helps general readers have an overview of the computing paradigms including the definition, architecture, and applications etc. for future opportunities and legal issues for developing countries. In addition, the future research directions of computing paradigms are discussed.


Keywords: computing paradigms, cloud computing (cc), wireless networks, mobile computing (mc), mobile cloud computing (mcc).


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