Empirical Method Technique to Make Short Term Forecast of Rainfall for a Specific Region

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D Ratnam
Dr J Rajendra Prasad, Dr B V SubbaRao


The forecasting of rainfall is a vital application in data mining techniques. In the event of planning and making decision for agricultural crop pattern and water management, the prediction of rainfall at long intervals is very helpful and useful. In fact, rainfall plays an important role for food generation, water resource management and other activity plans observed in nature. It is observed that the crop prediction is affected due to the rate arrival of monsoons as well as heavy rainfall. India is basically an agricultural based country and its economy gets affected bearing upon crop productivity. Therefore, rainfall prediction becomes an important element in deciding the destiny of countries like India that are dependent on agriculture. Rainfall forecasting has been one of the most challenging hurdles scientifically and technologically all over the world since the last century. In this paper we have presented the rainfall prediction for a specific area in the state of Andhra Pradesh using multiple linear regression technique.


Keywords: Empirical method, Rainfall forecasting, Multiple Linear Regression.


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