Location Management in Mobile Networks

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M.S. Sudheer
K. Ramesh


Mobile computing is a new emerged computing paradigm in now a days. Data management and location management in this paradigm poses many challenging problems to the Mobile database section. In the past decade, the production of Mobile communications has experienced an expensive growth due to recent technological advances in mobile networks. Location management is a very important problem among these challenges. It consists of updating the location of the user, searching the location and retrieving search-updates. When the host changes its location, an update occurs. When the host want to communicate with a mobile host whose location is unknown to the seeking host, a search occurs. A search-update occurs after a successful search, when the seeking host updates the location information corresponding to the searched mobile host. The main aim of a good location management scheme should be to provide efficient searches and updates. In this paper, various location management schemes, various search & update procedures are discussed.


Location, MS, MSC, BS, MSS


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