A System for Personal Information Management using an Efficient Multidimensional Fuzzy Search

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A. Seenu
M.R.Narasinga Rao, U.S.S.Padma Jyothi


Users access a large amount data and store in personal information management systems, There is a need to retrieve disparate data in a simple and efficient way using some search tools. IR-style ranking is supported by existing tools, but structure(path of a file) and metadata(includes name,author,title,date) are considered as filtering conditions in this approach. Normal search is performed based on keyword conditions but the multidimensional search allows search using structure and metadata. It integrates the three dimension score into unified score where each score belongs to a dimension. In order to identify the relevant files which matches with the given query we make use of indexes and algorithms. We can improve ranking accuracy by performing the experiments for our approach. By using query processing strategies , the fuzzy search approach can be used in every day of our life.

Keywords: Multidimensional search, personal information management system, query processing


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