Dynamic Routing of Data with Secure Cryptographic Techniques

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V. Soumya
S. Durgaprasad,Ma.Jabbar, T. Nagalakshmi


Security has become one of the major issues for data communication over wired and wireless networks. A dynamic routing algorithm
has being proposed that could randomize delivery paths for data transmission. The algorithm is easy to implement and compatible with popular
routing protocols, such as the Routing Information Protocol in wired networks and Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector protocol in wireless
networks, without introducing extra control messages. Our security-enhanced dynamic routing could be used with cryptography-based system
designs to further improve the security of data transmission over networks. In this paper, we present a novel encryption-less algorithm to
enhance security in transmission of data in networks. The algorithm uses an intuitively simple idea of a jigsaw puzzle to break the transformed
data into multiple parts where these parts form the pieces of the puzzle. The algorithm is designed to provide information-theoretic (that is,
unconditional) security by the use of a one-time pad like scheme so that no intermediate or unintended node can obtain the entire data. An
authentication code is also used to ensure authenticity of every packet.


Keywords: Data protection, Dynamic routing, Key management, One-time pad, Security algorithm, Security-enhanced data transmission.


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