Towards Formalizing Multi-Agent Systems Functional Requirements In Maude

Fathi Hamidane, Farid Mokhati, Habiba Belleili-Souici


In this paper we present a systematic approach allowing the translation of Multi-Agents Systems’ functional requirements described by extended UML (Unified Modeling Language) use case diagrams and, AUML (Agent UML) sequence diagrams into a formal specification writ-ten in Maude language. Our approach proposes firstly, extending UML use case by using UML stereotypes for taking into account MAS’ speci-ficities. Secondly, we associate to each use case, one or more AUML sequence diagrams realizing the different possible scenarios relative to such a use case. Once elaborated, the different diagrams undergo a validation to assure inter-and intra model coherence. The formal and object oriented language Maude, base on rewriting logic, supports formal specification and programming of concurrent systems. The main motivations of this work are: (1) formalizing the functional requirements of MAS by using Maude language, and (2) integrating the validation of the coher-ence models, since the requirements elicitation phase, in a MAS development process.


Keywords: Functional requirements; Formal specification; Use case diagram; Agent UML; Rewriting logic; Maude

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