A Dynamic user Dependent Security Policy Framework for Mobile Commerce Applications

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V. Shanmugasundaram
M. Jawahar


Mobile-commerce is the ability to perform commercial transactions using mobile phones or other wireless devices on the move. It is a
major application domain for mobile devices where applications require a high level of security. Generally, either server operating system or
application authority for the specific user about its behavior to access the applications after authentication enforces security policies. In this proposed
framework, users submit their policy through its mobile device to the policy server (PS) after preliminary authentication assigned by the application
authority. The trust of user device is analyzed using authentication protocol in addition to the feasibility of user submitted policy to the application.
The levels of security are also changed depending on the user type accessing the applications. User types are identified using the ip addresses that are
stored in the database on the server side. User can change its policy any time from its location as well as increases its levels of security after mutual
concern from the application authority. In this paper, user policy submission protocol is developed for the m-commerce applications.


Keywords: M-Commerce, Security, Authentication, Policy Server, Protocol, Repudiation


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