Role of Simulation tools towards the adoption of Routing protocols in VANETs

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Pranav Kumar Singh


In this Paper our main objective is to focus the need and the role of using good Simulation tool for VANET Environment. Various
research studies have given their ideas and working in this direction but there is no simple and good Simulation tool available for rapid
development to adopt the technology and protocols in VANET because maximum of them is offline Simulation based studies. This is really a
big challenge to analyze the protocols in the realistic scenario of traffic where we have to deal with accidental or hazardous situations i.e. totally
different scenario than offline scenario. It is very important to develop the tools that can help to adopt the best technology and protocol for
VANET as day by day the traffic is increasing so the safety is going to become a big challenge for human beings.

Keywords: Vanetmobisim, NCTUns, OMNeT++, MOVE, TraNS.


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