Secured Information Transfer in Networked Multi-Party Computation

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Hemant Pal


In the current era of globalization for communication and computation we all are connected to one another directly or indirectly with
the help of the Internet or intranet. One of the most challenging tasks is to protect confidential data the network. Private data should not be
leaked to unauthorized agents. All people are worried about their credit card details, passwords or any other kind of private data before sending it
from one machine to another. Current information security policies try to assurance that the end-to-end delivery of our personal data is safe. It
means when we are working in client–server environment, our personal information should be delivered from client to the target server only.
Traditional security mechanisms such as access control, firewall, antivirus, and encryption address the enforcement of information security
policies. In this paper, we proposed a novel security mechanism that will make sure that the private data of client will not be hacked before
reaching the server.


Keywords: Information Security, Confidentiality, Noninterference, Dynamic IP addressing.


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